Bravo A Man is Dead:

How juvenile these words sound .But to some these are melody but to thousands they are bizarre You first amplify a person to become your ally and play your fiddle and ballet to your tunes he is called a great leader but once your assignment is accomplished you call the same person a dictator, despot, totalitarian, tyrant an oppressor and then a kangaroo courtyard is set-up with monkey panel of adjudicators and man is sent to gallows how uncomplicated By a nation whose representation is noose? The thinkers of the west have immense command over their tactics. They weave a web snare in the victim and then hand over to their comrades and claim that all was carried out by the representative of a sovereign country? Which rules the country from within enclosed walls of a cocoon? How feeble these people are.


Today, when some mourn and some rejoice let who rejoice remember that even today example of pharaoh is still present in our midst in form of Ariel Sharon. Vengeance is the right of God only and no man has this right. So as of today the world has entered into its last phase where more innocent blood will be shed in reprisal and this blood will be on the hands of all the leaders of the world.


But if one has the courage to look in the history and even in the present times. What is the definition of a leader? He is Sly Shrewd, Schemer, a Soothsayer, Smart and last of all a Swindler. All the present leaders even the Monarchs have, the afore mentioned traits in their roots. Not a single leader can say with confidence that he does not have blood on their hands of innocent people whom they have killed on one pretext or another.


The word fatality is an unmentionable in the minds of modernized world and they scamper in to their rat holes but the Angel of death reaches to snatch away their souls. Do you have power to revive the dead?


It seems that people have very short memories a country that is morale less and does not spare even their own leaders wherever they may be. Have very little etiquette to respect for other religions or customs. They think that what they have done today will be remembered by the world. Of course they are very right. Mockery of Law and Justice took place today as it happened a couple of decades back to another leader who over stepped his set limits and offended Uncle Sammy. Just a word of caution for other Dictators. Please remember this day perhaps, your end is also near how your mentors have written it? “So do not send to know for whom the bells tolls it tolls for thee” please try to read the writing on the wall. It is like a boomerang it will come around soon this time on whose neck? Do not smile or merry around as this smile is on some one else’s lips


A Country was invaded under the garb of having Weapons of Mass Destruction but have any one found them yet? Firstly the super power pumped in their weapons into Iran, but when their stooge was forced to abdicate they were forced to think as to how they can reduce their amassed inventory of weapons minimized. Their satanic minds picked on Iraq they had their man their, he was incited to go for confrontation a few millions were killed in a pointless war and the job was done. More sales more jobs others money foreign blood spilled our job was done. Excellent. Similarly another country was invaded in pursuit of their own man who is yet to be apprehended Mr. Osama Bin Laden who knows where he is as yet a certain agenda is yet to be completed in this part of the world.


I have no connections with any group or with any person in particular. I have my links with humanity as I am a human being too. For you these pictures are a good pastime activity which generates more cash to your already over flowing coffers but to me these are repulsive. Like the pictures of 9/11 if they casted a negative image on the minds of the western world young what are these pictures now depicting? Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny.


Before replying to me answer my questions first?





Asad Rehman


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