2 Feb 2010



After watching numerous talk shows on the TV which has become soap operas of Pakistan one listens to so many problems and is bound to think, that are we living in Pakistan or Problemistan.I also marvel why, we the public does not go insane, perhaps we have extraordinary gizmo fitted in our heads instead of what the intelligent people call the brain.  We keep on digesting every word and churn out only speculation. Tomorrow will be better then today or this bad dream will go away when we wake up.

How naïve we are? Well this is 21st century where the media plays a role, yesterday so many anchors were patronizing the Taliban of justice and fair play and couple of weeks down the line they just backed out and started anti Taliban composition All what I am hearing and seeing is a marketing campaigns of various channels to attract the customers and the advertisers to their fold what a novel way to sell?

I am a salesman by profession and my seniors and elders taught me never lie to sell your ware. But today everyone is lying or hoodwinking the other to vend.

If we are able to walk our own history lane what do we see lets take 1970’s I was a kid then but I have a vivid memory. How Pakistan was cut in two countries. Episode of Ganga in Lahore. led step by step to our doom. The Seventh Fleet never came it ran out of fuel.  In 80’s Afghan refugees came in hordes to Pakistan what did they bring with them afghan culture or carpets, pistachio, walnuts. Oh no they brought Kalashnikov, brown sugar latter refined into heroin destroyed our youth and today the same guns are killing innocent people across Pakistan. The blood baths of Karachi the insane killings of Laki Marwat. Thus beckoning David Milliband to rush to Pakistan tailing his big brother Gen Petraeus? To pat and pamper the elite. Or to tell them. Hey guys slow down, we are not yet ready as our gas and oil pipelines have crossed Uzbekistan, but are belated in Afghanistan because our own genie is gone out of control  . Boys slow down. Do not split the land as yet.


The nuclear arsenal of Pakistan is not digestible by I.A.I this troika Israel, America and India are hell bent to remove us. As we are the only, Muslim nation to have a Nuclear Bomb.

(This bomb is slowly exploding in our homes. Had Mr. Sharif had a microscopic common sense in him, he would have shown the world that Pakistan has developed a nuclear weapon but will not detonate it. Almost all the nations would have helped Pakistan to get out from its debt rut).

Just look around yourself Pakistan is being ripped to pieces in a systematic manner. This technique is called the NEW WORLD ORDER. To achieve it, our mentors trained us to.

v  Install the most corrupt at the helm of affairs. Feed them $$$$$.

v  First slow down the power output create load shedding, when people start sizzling restore power back to usual. Continue this process till? Next round. Today our power tariff is higher then India & Bangladesh. This will not impair our exports as all foreign buyers are our paternal cousins.

v  Then cut down on natural gas till everyone shivers to death if this does not serve the objective increase the price? Last but not least shutdown CNG and switch over to LNG spend couple of trillions. We are a rich country. Who dare say we are beggars.

v  Bring the industry to closure; this will trigger un-employment.

v  Create anarchy slowly but do not get it to the boiling point keep it simmering. With a few flares

v  Create shortages of edible items increase prices. Let populace kill the inhabitants.

v  First introduce NGO’s then bring in the media to unleash a volley of issues. This will nourish the belief of people to crumble in there elected dear ones. From democracy we will travel to a void.      Dictatorship is Better then DEMONCRACY

What a recipe to demolish a state: A few shots mixed with bombs, add a few suicidal bombers, garnish it with religion and serve while hot ON A SILVER PLATTER.

This gentlemen, are the fruits of democracy eat and live well?

We are a nation of fools governed by deceitful rulers yet we honor them. Who says that America is a land of opportunities? Nay Pakistan is the land of con men today we have a variety of them you name any brand, we will cater your demand in score of dozens in multiple types. Even we have an ogre as a P……..t

I have a lot to write but the power is about to be switched off allow me to end:

Friends await my next write up its Prince John of Pakistan and sir HIS ……. S T. I will only send you if you comment on this one.

Rate it Bold, Beautiful, Ugly

Tears of agony, Tears of fear, run down my muddy face.

Darkness engulfs me, provisions are scant

Yesterday were on my table

Today thrown in the dustbin of the wealthy ……. Who

…… wolf down nuggets and fries swill it down with colas or shakes.

While my body quiver in cold.  Warmth is dear. I cannot afford.

They garb in all finery

I have my old shroud tattered battered with the time

Oh God why have you forsaken me

In this, land of wolves, serpents and scorpions.

But I thank you God for the life you gave ME vigorous and strong

For I am rich and they‘re poor, for I sleep a soundless sleep.

They toss and turn and fear death. For I am living casualty they have formed

Fear me you rulers I am your nemesis

When my horn echoes. You will all keel over








Asad Rehman


About 4711horsie

Result driven professional over 20 years of solid verifiable track career for successfully propelling industry leaders. Known for delivering record breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional and export markets. Core strengths include: Strategic Planning Corporate Presentation HR Management Marketing Sales Promotion Business Development CRM Liaison Coordination Reports Documentation Training & Development Team Management Business Management Profit & Loss Management Advisory Services MIS Development & Management
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