Murder Someone Wrote




By: Asad Rehman

A quest to find BB’s Murderers:

Is it not tragic to see that the Scotland yard police, the United Nations fact finding team all failed to pinpoint the murderers’ or the murderer of Benazir Bhutto…will this murder also go unanswered as others have gone before? Who could benefit the most from her death, the present rulers the former ones or someone who was nurturing a grudge against her or the Bhutto family? Well someone has committed this act. It could very well relate to a letter written by BB on 4/7/1997 to Peter Galbraith?

The UN report relates more to the past history of our turmoil or as others quote story of establishment, then to the actual end result to the murder. All the murder writers would be writhing in their graves after reading what the UN has written. Well it is a conservative organization, hence will give a conservative but a doctored report.  Three men thought to be wise one from Indonesia, one from Chile and the third from USA made their debut and made everyone contemplate on their credentials? Firstly it took months to come to a decision to ask the esteemed UN to kindly investigate this matter. During this time the remaining evidence was tampered and vital witnesses eliminated. This is not the end a lot of departments or people did not cooperate with the poor souls from UN, they never voiced this before why now?

The Asian investigating agencies could have done a better job after all the Pakistani police or agencies are famous for their expertise of making a monkey say he is a lion and vice a verse.

Whoever planned this act must be a very competent person or a group who tried to kill two birds with one stone or two leaders in one day. One was lucky but the other was not so fortunate.

Who was the last man or a foreign dignitary BB met well it was the Afghan President did anyone interviewed him or checked his entourage list upon arrival or departure from Pakistan? The then Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan said that he was in the last meeting with BB along with his President and cannot divulge the details as they are too gut wrenching?

A reputed US journalist Seymour Hersh is also on record saying that a special death squad was in operation led by Mr. Dick Cheney former US vice President and headed by General Stanley McChrystal. This squad eliminates all those who do not safe guard US interests. Mr. Rafiq Hariri President of Lebanon was also killed mysteriously and the UN fact finding mission named their next door neighbor Syria of funding his killing? It seems that UN instead of its peace keeping mission have started to investigate murders or WMD’s in Iraq and have lost their creditability as in the case of Iraq, absolute falsified stories were circulated to molest this country once again to silence a man (Saddam Hussein) who was about to reveal that David Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were a part of the killing of innocent Kurds by using nerve gas… it is also on record that Benazir came to know of a certain agreement of General. Musharraf with a certain foreign power and wanted to investigate the matter after her party assumed power so it became vital to purge her, few got together and eliminated her.

It is also on record that an editor of Washington Daily got a phone call three days prior to Benazir first return to Pakistan, that she is going to be killed and he backed off? Has anyone bothered to check who called him?

Condi Rice the former US secretary of state was a key link to restore Mush and BB relations was she was questioned?

Mr. Rauf Klasra states that apart from the above the intelligence chiefs of UAE and Saudi Arabia also knew about this plot to eliminate BB. Then our agencies were asleep or they were hibernating?

Mr. Hamid Gul former DG ISI in an interview dated 16th of April 2008 has stated that BB was shot by a professional sharp shooter? How did he know well he is an army man and knows the game plan or the game? His statement is quite similar to what Mr. George Bush said killed by Al-Qaida insurgents.

Now coming back to the report, clearly throw light on certain actions by a set of individuals:

  • Why did Mr. Babar Awan, Mr. Rehman Malik and Mr. Farhatullah Babar leave the site in a hurry taking away the entire security with them and rushed to Bilawal House in Islamabad… something they knew or was it just a coincidence? Did they not hear the big bang? Very strange? They did hear the shots and the big bang and perhaps thought that the workers were celebrating their leader’s persona. How naïve of them. Where did Rehman Malik go from Bilawal house? As he was the key link between Gen Musharraf and Benazir hence, must have gone for further discussions? Mr. Zulfikar Mirza and Agha Siraj Durrani were the security in charge. Where were they at this point of time? Did Mr. Zulfikar Mirza held an enquiry of the murder of Mr. Shahanshah if not then WHY?
  • Major Imtiaz the security officer did not have the direct telephone number of CPO?
  • Mr.Saud Aziz refuses the autopsy of BB under which law?
  • Gen Naeem calls Prof: Dr.Mussadaq to confirm what?
  • SP Khurram ordered the crime scene to be washed? Here lies a question (I will throw some light latter….. as my alibi).
  • Jammers were not working? This they came to know after the incident. Statement of Mr. Farhat Ullah Babar, see N.S programme of 28th of April 2010.
  • The body is moved to Chaklala Air Base to await arrival of Mr.Zardari from Dubai. Who ordered the movement of the body? Did Mr.Zardari arrive in a private jet or a regular flight?
  • Why was Sherry Rehman’s driver Zahid not questioned?
  • Where are the hand bag and the mobile phone of BB? Has anyone checked her mobile phone details? If so what are those details?
  • Who orchestrated the burning of trains and other public and private properties in Sind? This was not seen in October 2007 Blast?
  • Last but not least Mr. Zardari the President of Pakistan is on record saying he knows the killers of Benazir. Now the highest authority of Pakistan knows who is/are the killer/killers of his wife then why this drama of UN and Scotland Yard was staged? All what was required was a visit to the President House, one question and millions of Dollars could have been saved plus the anguish of the people of Pakistan and the current talk shows would have been over. With all the due respect The Chief Justice of Pakistan takes suo motto action on every little news printed published or screened. But what was wrong with this news was it so indigestible that till today the so called independent judiciary is in hibernation?

My Alibi:

Nowadays nearly everyone has a magic so do I, all you need to do is input your question and whoosh comes out answers. I did the same world deadliest weapon gun or bullet and was immersed with answers.

Lego AA-12 is deadliest shot guns, XM 25, IIan 101 and so many more, one has to shortlist them. Been not an armament expert I searched more, 300 magnum bullet will enter and rest in the wound, or 7.92x57mm mauser or 7.92x54R but the most deadliest is 5.66 Le mas it can penetrate steel or any hard target but will not pass through human torso instead it effectively explodes inside the body. Now it is not a hidden fact that many new inventions take place everyday. Just think that this type of bullet entered BB’s skull and exploded. The bullet has a special toxin or chemical which on impact releases it; this reacted with the victim’s blood and just dissolved itself like an aspirin. Thus, leaving no trace at all. This is my alibi for washing not only the crime scene but also the car in which she was travelling. Where are clothes? Hold on a second Ms Naheed Khan was holding her BB’s head in her lap, BB’s blood must have stained her clothes as well if she has kept those clothes then my alibi can be proven? Or they may used a less familiar weapon yes the pneumatic cordless nail driver hammer? The shots were fired from the left side and she was wounded on the right side of her head. The Gen Hamid Gul’s alibi seems plausible?

Well Ruby Oswald the President Kennedy’s killer was immediately shot dead?

Princess Diana was killed in a car crash remember? The paparazzi following her car bumped into her car…..latter this guy was found dead in a remote part of France burnt in his car. Wow what a coincidence? The history is rife with such high profile murders and many in fact most have gone unsolved the only murder case which was proven was of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who was sent to gallows by Zia latter he too met his fate.

So who benefits the most if BB is eliminated?

Musharraf or Zardari or a group of people or lets say criminals or Americans? The lady knew too much? Well Zardari dare not do it, why should you kill the goose which lays golden eggs. Now the poor fellow is caught between the devil and the deep sea. The crux of the matter is that once PPP is out on the road this time around it will require at least two decades coming back in the power corridors; it will be a new PPP with new faces. Zardari may be involved in anything else but murder he cannot write. I only met him once after his release from prison and know that the guy may be an uncharacteristic but murderer no.

Well Mr. Rehman Malik got his reward. His dismissal orders of 1998 as ADG FIA have been transformed to retirement with orders to pay his perks. By the most revered Prime Minister and approved by the President of Pakistan????? He was sacked by Mr. Nawaz Sharif in May 1998 it is pertinent to mention that a dismissed government official cannot hold any public office? Yet he remained the Minister????

Observation: Those who planned this gory incident have left so many tracks that by now it is too late to wipe these off. They may have washed the crime scene, the car, destroyed her clothes but could not tamper the recorded film…. The guys holding those play card on wooden sticks are wearing white clothes, please let me complete…look again at their hair cut now look at their body language do you not recall some similarities? No matter how cleverly you may design your plot but once accomplished it leaves behind clues for the blind to see.

The first clue has emerged: Why the President has exempted Mr. Malik and Mr. Babar Awan from investigations? 3/5/2010


Recently Mr. Malik has been pardoned by a royal decree by the President of crime not committed or? What does this reflect? Earlier a prize now these pardons think and sleep my fellow humans. My genuine, counsel to us all. Or rise, which none of us can afford?

Well we all are wasting our time in a matter which will never be resolved. Why I say so readers we all have short memories or we are made to forget by clever psychosomatic experts. As all of us are tied up in a numerous problems, economic, job, business, illness, provisions, gas and so on. An endless list.

Has anyone unrivaled the mystery shrouding Diana Princess of Wales murder? The white Fiat Uno car the unexpected riches of its driver Mr. Thomas, who was latter found, burned in his expensive car in a remote part of France? The disappearance of CCTV tapes of the accident or were they erased accidently by a drunken idiot? Disappearance of Mrs. Natalie a key witness who saw a black car along with the white Fiat Uno the parked motorcycle which flashed a powerful strobe light at the approaching Diana’s car which may have blinded its driver while the white car struck hers from one angle and the black car banged from the rear, the Mercedes driver lost control and hit the pylon at a speed? Latter David a poor police officer committed suicide or was murdered like Mr. Shahanshah? Friends please bear in mind that the British history is rife with such clandestine operations so is ours. Diana had to be slaughtered as some say she was expectant, some say that her stand on the landmine issue infuriated many who were minting lot of money by the sale of these war toys. So the influential joined their wise heads with MI 5 and the royalty or the nobles gave their blessings.

So covet was this operation that till to date no one found the truth. The paparazzi   was blamed the Diana or Dodhi’s driver was blamed for been in a stupor “Drunk over the limit” a most implausible justification to a high profile murder.

A few hearings some noise and the matter was closed. Even when either Prince William or Harry ascend the throne their minds will be so much tainted by the nobles they will just treat the affair as a whimsical tale of the past. But it is said that those who die a violent death stalk their preys till they too end in a sadistic death. “Send naught for whom the bells toll it tolls for thee”

What happened to Liaqat Ali Khan’s murder? Remember Mr. Ata Ullah Jan the poor soul investigating the murder was murdered. Mr.Wyne former Chief Minister of Punjab any clue to his murderer’s?

Benazir’s murder awaits the same fate scot free all will go. But keep in mind the above paragraph or hope…..

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened her fabled box and let out all evils except for hope, which the Greeks considered to be as dangerous as the world’s other evils. Soon they discovered that without hope to offset their troubles, humanity was filled with despair. So Pandora let out hope as well. In the myth, hope was more potent than any of the other major evils


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