A Tear

oh! did you hear a man was hanged?

in a far of land, for a crime which almost all

the privileged commit today under one garb or another.


two decades ago, someone else was hanged

some got blown out of the clear blue sky, why?


some distribute sweets and some flowers yet a few shed

tears, some pray but no-one ever thinks that the hang-man

noose is hanging not far away.


once again the history repeated itself in the same land

where centuries ago another head was chopped off to please

a coward who feared for his own forlorn crown.


epoch gone by, narration is all the end for we are in a modern world

where such happenings do take place day after day to satiate our appetite

for a bedtime story to put as away to sleep or to talk about in our own way.


oh abject humans where your ethics have gone. why have you become animals who snarl and gnash your teeth to get a better piece of your own flesh


time is too short for us to live so breathe in tranquility and not spill the blood of others. the blood you spill will mark your graves for the angels to decide your finale


oh! your hearts beat and not bleat for it has any remorse for what have you done

thank you for creating a martyr who will be remembered for centuries to come.


upon you will be god wrath. fuel for hell fire. your each day will be a nightmarish, tormenting, agonizing,  excruciating pain will be your destiny all your affluence and fortunes will  find no remedy for your twinge……this will the satisfaction for the rest…..




About 4711horsie

Result driven professional over 20 years of solid verifiable track career for successfully propelling industry leaders. Known for delivering record breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional and export markets. Core strengths include: Strategic Planning Corporate Presentation HR Management Marketing Sales Promotion Business Development CRM Liaison Coordination Reports Documentation Training & Development Team Management Business Management Profit & Loss Management Advisory Services MIS Development & Management
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