An ODE in Roman URDU

benaam musafir hoon, benaam safar mera


kis raah nikal jaon, kuch keh nahi sakta


benaam meri manzil, benaam thikana hai


kis dar pe main ruk jaon, kuch keh nahi sakta


iss paar to roshan hai, saara mera raasta


uss paar andhera ho, kuch keh nahi sakta


tinkey ki tarah main bhi beh jaon samander mai


mil jaye kinara koi, kuch keh nahi sakta


mil jayegi tabeer mere khwaabon ko aik din


ya khwaab bikhar jayen ge, kuch keh nahi sakta…



About 4711horsie

Result driven professional over 20 years of solid verifiable track career for successfully propelling industry leaders. Known for delivering record breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional and export markets. Core strengths include: Strategic Planning Corporate Presentation HR Management Marketing Sales Promotion Business Development CRM Liaison Coordination Reports Documentation Training & Development Team Management Business Management Profit & Loss Management Advisory Services MIS Development & Management
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