Defination of Democracy

Dear Friends,

Gentlemen please do not misconstrue my following version as un-democratic.

Democratic leaders today are in concert on the idiot box (TV). These guys are only hashing the facts; the unfortunate public is in their audible range and believing them. Whereas,



Nowadays, everyone is harping on one chord Dictator’s Rule has destroyed Pakistan? Whenever I am in a group of people I ask them one straight question. If dictators’ had destroyed the country then the democratic looters could not have been able to build up their coffers with Dollars and Gold every time they come in power, the dictators at least provide livelihood to the masses and our so called democratic forces provide only for themselves and throw bits and left over pieces to their kin. I also challenge them what has any democratic leader given to Pakistan worthwhile? The first dictator  gave us Mangla,Tarbela even Warsak Dams KANUP was also a brain child of a dictator the GREEN REVOLUTION the INDUSTRIALIZATION in the country  was not a given to us by Britishers. But by a dictator, whose name we tarnished as a dog. The cat never got out of Bhutto’s bag? Can anyone enlighten me about ZAB’s cat?

Perhaps, the only two things we got from our democratic ruler’s was a vision to produce a nuclear bomb and today this bomb is slowly exploding in our homes. Had Mr.Sharrif had a microscopic common sense in him, he would have shown the world that Pakistan has developed a nuclear weapon but will detonate it. Almost all the nations would have helped Pakistan to get out from its debt rut.

Yes, two eras were the most destructive ones,

i.            General Yahya Khan’s.  Well the poor soul could do nothing more. Well separation of East Pakistan is attributed to him: But who beseeched Ayub Khan to release Mujeeb to attend the R.T.C who said YOU THEIR I HERE. Who said we do not need the seventh fleet?

ii.            The second era of Zia was critical one had he had played his cards well, today Pakistan would have been a real Islamic democratic state. But he was too ambitious of spreading Islam and started put his fingers in wrong places and today we are reaping its fruits. But his followers champion him as a Mard e Momin. Can anyone tell me what were his achievements for Pakistan?

The Americans, Indians and Israeli’s are hell bent to dislodge us from the world map and what are we doing as a nation? Few are plundering the wealth and other rest of them, are snapping at the juicy meat bones. The people like me have no atta no sugar, no gas, no oil, no power, no jobs, No LIVELIHOOD. MEGA HIGH COSTS yet the mandate is their.

What a splendid democratic application.

Let me be honest our last dictator was doing a good job at least we were living if not a very good life but were at ease. I voted for him for the first time as his vision captivated many like myself.

But I am at loss to understand why he gave up his Army job, then his presidency. Had I been in his place I would not have doffed off my uniform but perhaps, sometimes the counselors who employ assistants who cannot look or think beyond their closed comfy petite package tend to misguide the navigators who in turn relate the fanciful yarn to the captain and he sinks.  This has happened with me I know the cycle of deceit.

Today Pakistan stands as a most corrupt nation in the comity of nations. What a sense of pride we have?

To CONDEMN is easy to solve is THORNY.


I.            A strong, sincere and obviously honest Leadership. Who are capable to deliver of what they speak:

II.            A crisis Manager. Who must have nerves of steel?

III.            A new Constitution. The present one has become a Tarot card to lure idiots like me who have no cue of what 73 constitution provides for them. Bring in what they want. AN ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION in all true sense. A decade or so back leaders were yelling that this constitution is designed by infidels what happened today, has our beloved constitution embraced Islam.

IV.            A clear Economy policy. Ten Year Plan, with a niche of improvement with time (Evaluation of Plan every Quarter). (Develop Industry at the grass root level).

V.            A strong foreign relation policy. With a vision to recognize Israel. I am not a Jew but our salvation lies in this. I assure you if we develop a right approach many of our issues with our neighbors will be resolved.

VI.            Free education for all till Intermediate level. With one curriculum across the board.

Many more issues can be brought in these statements which are people real problems and the party can get wings to soar. Elections will not be held in 2012 but in 2010 late: This is the street talk. People are tired, they are hungry and are quickly spinning into jobless void and ultimately this will lead them to be homeless. Now is the time to get the street power working for the party. At present they see no true SAVIOR on the horizon. Let a new star be born let there be light let there be hope for the down trodden.

I know not why I am so hyper and writing down all this crap possibly I cannot swallow the present state of affairs any further I have no future nor see any for my children. I understand that the entire world is in grip of recession but around the corner stands recession’s elder sister inflation the world leaders are working to avoid or to reduce its impact and what are our leaders doing? Scratching their….

Gentlemen lets join hands and face the facts.

Thank you for your time to read this ode if you do not like any passage I am sorry I cannot change the history yes can correct it for future referral.


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