Written & Compiled By: Asad Rehman

The writer was first awakened to the fact that Pakistan too is a part of the Golden Triangle. While studying in Tokyo Japan (1988) during one of the sessions where current problems of participating country’s were been discussed and how it affects the overall productivity and quality. Upon my turn I pointed out that my country has been overrun by refugees from neighboring Afghanistan bringing with them two scourges one was instant death (Kalashnikov) and the second was slow death (Heroin) those workers who have been hooked to the latter are a major cause  of multiple problems. At this point one of the Indian students pointed out that their problem was ISI and its clandestine operations in Kashmir, honestly I felt proud that Pakistan was inflicting damage on Indians. (This latter proved to be erroneous thinking on my part) The stinging point arose when another one of my course mates from Taiwan stood up and said that the golden triangle also consists of Pakistan as a major source of supply of heroin. Being a sole Pakistani, in this group of students from all over the world.  I was embarrassed and tried to defend my country’s honor.  Latter in the day I summed all my diplomatic skills and asked my course mate how can he accuse us Pakistani’s of such a gross allegation. He very quietly took me to the library took out the Newsweek magazine and asked me to read and understand the gravity of the situation   when I explored the nonsense it became sense. (I was young and carefree those days but today when I recall that scenario I am compelled to think that nations who can think forward progress but we Pakistanis do not bother to think beyond today)

Asia‘s two main illicit opium-producing areas. It is an area of around 367,000 square miles (950,000 km2) that overlaps the mountains of four countries of Southeast Asia: Burma, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent and Pakistan, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia and of the world since the 1920s. Most of the world’s heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world’s largest producer.

To quell this menace world top agencies were working together to eliminate or at least slow down its spread to their countries all types of methods were been used. Varying from huge amounts of money granted to governments so they can offer incentives to growers to cultivate other crops, plus force was also been used to destroy opium but desired results were nowhere near the desired objective. As the money which was given to various governments was gobbled up by its functionaries, leaving the farmer with no option but to continue growing poppy as it fetched in more money then normal corps. Secondly others were using this tool for there own advantage.

As this was also the cold war era and other super powers in their pursuit to degrade the other continued patronizing such producers of opium. This led to escalation of tensions between states and their agencies. Korean War has ended with splitting of this nation in two North and South Korea and the Americans were opening a new front in Vietnam. Money was required by the freedom fighters.

Earlier The American s, the Britishers and the Russians thought that their only way of survival was to strengthen up their friendly countries with latest armament Americans were boosting Iran, Russia China and India and the Britishers who were licking their wounds after the second world war were patronizing India Pakistan and their other favorite nations and taking out their resource wealth at cheaper rates under the garb of Commonwealth, CENTO, SEATO and other such organizations. Even so after the first world war LEAGUE OF NATIONS was formed which was toothless, after the second world war UNO was formed and its sole objective was to protect the American and Jewish interests in the world, to this date has UN done any worth while job to protect innocent people from the massacre be it Kashmir, Palestine, Burma or Cambodia and many other places? Apart from those where American interests were of paramount importance.

At this point of time huge oil wealth was discovered in the Arabian Gulf, this changed the pattern at a global level of warfare tactics. Everyone wanted its chunk of this oily cake.

If we look at the reason why wars are fought the only logical reason is to capture wealth, resources of other nations, to satisfy the needs of its people and to subjugate the world. In the past slaves were taken and in modern times slaves are made.

LONG LIST OF some important BATTLES (See footnote on other major Battles)

I.            The First World War 1917 Germany Lost The War To Allies And Had To Pay Huge Amounts As Reparation Debts.

II.            World War II 1939 To 1945 With Surrender Of Germany And Nuclear Destruction Of Japan By Americans

III.            Cold War 1945 To   The Fall Of China In Hands Of Communists In 1949 The Americans Tried To Counter The Growing Threat Of Communism In Asia The Americans Started Giving Aid To Kuomintang China The North Korea Invaded South Korea And Americans Got Involved

IV.            Americans In Order To Curb The Russian Influence In Cuba Threatened A Nuclear War

V.            Indo Pak War 1965

VI.            Indo Pak War 1971 Creation Of Bangladesh

VII.            Arab Israel War 1977 Famous Oil Embargo

  1. Iraq Iran War 1984

IX.            Iraq Invasion Of Kuwait 1997

X.            American Invasion Of Iraq 1998

XI.            American Invasion Of Afghanistan 2001

XII.            American  Attack On Libya 1st April 1986 Second 2011

Since the World War I and II, the Americans have created more harm and brought more destruction then any other country on this planet. Yet it is democratic and peace loving country. Needless to say that the Jews are calling the shots and making the American dream come true in the 21st century by not annexing the countries as the British did but by keeping them as individual entity yet serving the American interests. After all Americans are the first cousins and direct descendants of the British Empire now lost? But efforts to regain it are in full swing. Mr. Obama recently told the world through the British Parliament platform that American and British hey days are not over, more is yet to come. Enslaved Nations.


First Dimension:

Earlier Iran in Shah’s era was provided with the latest warfare machinery. After Shah’s fall they had to disarm Iran through Iraq, latter destroy Iraq by beating the drums of WMD’s not a single war head found, yes all its oil resources were channeled 90% to America and remainder to Europe. The second phase of this new world order started by removing Hosni Mubarak the Egyptian President from the office as he was a clever man and Americans now cannot afford to share their booty with others. Then they turned their guns on Yemen, Syria Bahrain but the latter was saved by the Saudi’s, if Bahrain was overtaken by Iranians then Saudi monarchy was at stake. Their main target is Libya, well it is since 1986, they want Col Gaddafi out as he is a shrewd person and is thwarting the evil designs of American and its Jewish allies. Whenever OPEC increases the oil prices Mr. Qaddafi cleverly raises his country’s oil production and forces the price to be lowered. I am not telling fairy tale. Gentlemen, who own the major oil companies of the world, just contemplate?

Second Dimension:

So Col: Qaddafi has to be chucked out under the garb of “Rights of the People” written by MOSSAD directed by MI 5 and implemented by CIA through well paid Arab agents who appear on the TV paid talk shows and write out of proportion stories to instigate the ordinary Arabs in to creating chaos. (When I saw on CNN a Libyan woman telling a story of being raped by the soldiers it was quite amusing but it did not click either with the world or with the American audience)  Just ponder that those gun waving ruffians in Libya are been again called fighters of freedom and are sponsored by Americans in form of cash and arms are they not mercenaries? Or are they the new sweethearts of the Americans and Europeans, latter they too will be branded as Talibans or?

Once Qaddafi is out, will lead American to trouncing victory to get to cheap/free oil? After all Americans had billed Saudi Arabia for 36 Billion US $ for removing Iraq out of Kuwait. Whom they earlier cajoled in to attacking Kuwait. After the fall of Libya other Arab and African states will be effortless to gobble. So strange Americans instigate one upheaval then to quell it they offer their services and the end result is destruction of that particular country. The NATO countries get the scraps left over’s in form of huge contracts to re-build the nation. Double edged sword with multiple benefits to a select few.


Third Dimension:

What is happening in Pakistan is a major part of this game plan of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Pakistan the only nuclear nation in the Islamic world had its Army caught with its pants down thus making it a laughing stock of the world. (Before I proceed further let me make it obvious that the Pakistani nation stands with its forces and are prepared to die for our country, think a million times before embarking on any mi-adventure for we will be not be a sitting duck)

Well the nuclear detonation has its own perspective. In 1998 when Pakistan was on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power the world beseeched Pakistan not to go for this charade, but the amritsari brainy had a poor visualization due to rich foods hence, he went ahead and detonated not one but seven. Contrary to the wishes of the world and then added insult to the injury by boasting about his achievement. Had he had been sensible he would have revealed to the world that he has the clout but will not enter this grimy competition till someone prompts us to do so. Our accomplishment brought the wrath of the world to this day we are suffering the calamity of one impulsive day. Some people never learn to foresee that their one decision’s can fetch them or their society long term consequences. They adore creating mess for the future.  As there is a thin red line between the sane and the mad? The world has closed its eyes to the stockpile of nuclear arsenal of Israel, South Africa and many other countries who may have bought these nuclear weapons off the shelf as deterrence tool. Who knows Yemen, Jordan, Syria or even Libya or let’s say Sri Lanka may also have them?

The so called Taliban attacks. One is apt to think that these very Taliban’s were once the darling of America and were affectionately called (Freedom Fighters) and Osama Bin Laden was an apple of the eye for CIA, what happened that the yesterday’s sweetheart became a thorn in the American butt.   The answer lies in few words after the disintegration of the Russian Empire the objective of the Americans was achieved they washed their sullied hands off, but as it turned around that these Apples turned pungent and took over and started their own war against the occupational forces.   Once a darling was now a rogue agent/s hence, have to be eliminated or is something hiding in the shrub?

Perhaps, Osama and his family living in Pakistan for five years that too in Abbottabad yet nobody knew? Or was it like Saddam Hussain who was living in a rat-hole for a over an year and then suddenly brought out taken to the courts for a mock trial and hanged, what about Mr. Dick Cheney and Mr.Rumsfield they too were Saddam’s partner in the gas testing on the poor Kurds? Gen: Collin or the American poodle Mr. Tony Blair till today has no answers to their bickering’s about WMD’s or the super gun pointed towards America. CIA and Mossad coupled with MI-5 must be smiling with their mouths covered as how they have tricked the world, in to believing an imaginary threat?

Why an un-armed Osama killed and then his body was rushed off to the sea for burial? Why was he not given even a mock trial? Had he be given the trial then Mr. Bush beans of pretense would have been spilled out in open? 9/11 façade would have crumbled like a sand castle which is created with painstaking labor, but with the first wave is washed away. The billions invested by CIA in this whole operation would nave been exposed thus making the Americans look like a true swindler. After all those who call themselves Americans are in fact occupying the Red Indian country which they call America.

This is what the Americans are thinking about there own country’s action:

There has never been such an opportunity for the U.S. government to stage a false flag event in order to start yet another war as there is today. The set up is obvious to libertarians and some sane others, but it eludes most all Americans who are busy dancing in the street after the so-called killing of Osama bin Laden.

Consider the timing of this attack by U.S. Navy SEALs, and then consider recent events. First, the economy is in shambles, unemployment is sky high, price inflation is excessive, and the U.S. military has been bombing civilians in an attempt to assassinate Gaddafi, including murdering innocent little children. Our money is being destroyed before our eyes. The wars are not going well for the ruling elite, and Obama’s ratings are horribly low at the beginning of his presidential crusade. One very important factor is that criticism of these wars has been growing at an accelerated pace. Hatred of the insidious TSA is also becoming much more evident. While civil liberty destruction is still rampant, it is being questioned more often, and with increased intensity.

What better reason then for an event to solidify the masses, and put them on guard for the now coming “terrorist” attacks due to the death of bin Laden. This stone kills a lot of birds it seems, and in my opinion this is no coincidence. In a matter of a few hours, the serfs were in the streets carrying flags, and screaming “God bless the U.S.A.” All the media was abuzz with fervent displays of renewed patriotism.

But what came next should have been expected. We were told that the scourge of the east was dead. One would think that the head of the monster had been forever severed, and that the war would end, but that would not be the case. The politicians and talking heads in the media immediately went on the offensive, and stated that we should be even more vigilant in the war on terror because there will be more attacks due to bin Laden’s death.

Hillary Clinton began her talk this morning by praising the troops for their “courage and commitment.” Yes, the troops had once again become our saviors, literally pulling us from the mouth of the beast. In her next statement she strongly exclaimed “we will continue taking the fight to al Qaeda and their Taliban allies.” She next talked about even more massive interference and imperialistic goals. “All over the world we will press forward, bolstering our partnerships, strengthening our networks, investing in a positive vision of peace and progress, and relentlessly pursuing the murderers who target innocent people.” (Emphasis added) Really! The U.S. killing machine is going after all those who target innocent people, and all over the planet? That is hypocrisy beyond understanding.

These events are shaping future foreign policy, and the window of opportunity in my opinion is short. All that is necessary is to rally the sheep around the flag, and that was accomplished by the charade in Pakistan.

Police in some areas have already increased security measures, and intelligence gathering has intensified. In New York, more police have been sent to patrol subways, airports, and bridges. This is just the beginning. More fear has been instilled in the minds of Americans once again, and conditions are ripe for a false flag event staged by those who would gain power and money with more war. Certainly, Obama has an obvious incentive to be the protector of the country given his current presidential run. But many others stand to gain from such an event as well.

All that is now necessary to prosecute the next war by the U.S. Empire is an attack or threat of an attack. Whether manufactured by our own government or not, that event would serve as the lynchpin of yet more U.S. aggression. Aggression not just against those in far away lands, but aggression here at home aimed at our liberty and our freedom.

Nothing is what it seems, and the risk to us all is great. Much scrutiny should be evident concerning anything coming out of Washington D.C. or the mainstream media. Lies abound, but this set up is obvious, and is staring us square in the face. Believing otherwise is foolish as far as I’m concerned, and this is no time for gullibility or flag waving.

What the triggering event will be is not easy to discern, but whatever it is will be obvious once it occurs. Any event that heightens the terror alert or brings calls for retaliation should be examined carefully. It could be a downed airliner, an attack on a U.S. embassy, a bomb inside our borders, or any number of other things. Regardless of the type of aggression, take heed, and don’t assume anything. The government lies continuously, and any attack is in this government’s, its military, and its corporate partner’s best interests.

I understand that many are afraid, but we should not fear any foreign invader. We should only fear our own government because the threat will come from within. We are in a very precarious situation, but because this new threat is so conspicuous, we should be able to see it coming. We are moving inexorably toward the next false flag, but this time even more could be at stake. Nothing should be taken for granted, and none should be surprised by anything that happens.

The monster of the east is gone, but the beast that is the U.S. government is alive and well, and planning chaos. Our eyes should be open and our minds clear, for what is coming are vile. War is criminal and it is unholy, and our government is planning even more aggression. This bin Laden farce is evidence enough. Those who purposely cause and wage war, and do so to gain money and power, are savage, depraved, and evil. But those who applaud the murdering of others in the name of false defense are the enablers. Without the consent of the people, the government would be forced to stand down. It is time to stand up and stop this insanity!

Naturally the common people don’t want war… Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders… All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism.

~ Herman Goering

Gary D. Barnett


Whatever I have written is even supported by their own writers. If you visit the CIA site on the net and start digging you will find heaps of information of failed American plans and how they salvage their own failures.

Americans we have enough of your deceit and you’re so called democracy mongering, why not take action against Burma? Why not against Israel? Why not against India?

Now the ingenious joint teams of Israel + America + India intelligence (IAI) have serenely agreed to use Taliban Bogey to destabilize Pakistan. Earlier they with their lack of knowledge or on purpose started to bomb mosques and other holy shrines when hue and cry was raised that these talibans are not Muslims, the targets changed to Barber and Music shops. One still wonders why Pepsi or Coca Cola factory’s or KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Hardy’s, Pizza Hut were never targeted. As a matter of fact, they are owned by the American Jews. Now the new targets are military establishments and other Government Offices in particular Intelligence units are been destroyed. Destruction of PC 3 Orion aircrafts at Mehran Base is not a simple case of a terrorist attack, infact it is a deep rooted conspiracy with protracted consequence on the surveillance ability of Pakistan.  Can any one recall how our air route overflying India was closed by the Indians? Remember Ganga the Indian airline Fokker aircraft which was hijacked and blowned up in Lahore. Its freedom fighter Mr. Butt was garlanded by Mr. Z.A Bhutto. Friends you forget our own destruction yet you sing Indian songs enjoy Indian goods and try to establish AMAN KI AaSHAH.

The preparation is to demonstrate to the world that Pakistan is not a capable state to safe guard its nuclear assets hence, it must be disarmed?

It is just like Ojhri camp disaster in Rawalpindi in mid 80’s. Stolen stingers from the camp resulted in a disaster of a great magnitude. All the gifted armament destroyed, yet we Pakistanis have very short memories. Till to date those stolen stingers have not been found.

Latter Poor Gen: Zia and others lost their lives. Any outcome of the inquiry report into this unpleasant incident? Or this too was a CIA ploy? After all CIA is notoriously known for its actions when they can assassinate their own president (Kennedy) what befall others is no news.

Here I must narrate an historical event which took place many centuries ago in China.

“As you all know that earlier China was a divided into small states which were constantly on war with each other. One state in order to subjugate its enemy used a neat ploy by getting killed all the generals of enemy without lifting their swords. What they did was that they placed a piece of paper on which the names of the generals were written and tucked it discreetly at the altar now they knew that only the king visits the altar every day to offer sacrifice and their ploy worked as the king after offering the sacrifice saw the piece of the paper which stated that these men are planning to kill the king tonight and before the evening the king had all his generals killed and the next day the enemy conquered his country and killed him”  So simple yet a clever plan.

Can any one recall the Air Blue crash in Islamabad? It is said that it was shot down by the Americans as it flew too close to their embassy. Well had it been in the states one could imagine the reincarnation of 9/11 when an airliner crashed into pentagon was it what we read or some other bird crashed into it? As the site of impact, does not show a sign of a big airplane crashing into this building. The fuselage and the wings have a different signature then what we had seen?

Well our present government and the military establishments have two different sorts of leaderships. The present government is headed by the most corrupters of the corrupt men of the 21st century and the military by a brooder.

We Cherish our Past:

The kings and Rajas of the past had official entertainers in their courts. These were professional clowns, dancers, poets, jugglers etc, whose only function in the king’s court was to amuse him. That would do any thing and go to any extent to seek the pleasure of the man sitting on the throne. These professionals could not even think of uttering a single word not in tune with the official line. The only truth for them was what the almighty king desired. Sometimes the questions and answers were all prepared beforehand.

Some people think that these institutions have died down. Being the custodians of both Mughal and British traditions we have not let these institutions die, rather we have changed their form. They are now special persons granted special incentives, to do the maligning job. Well these poor souls are unable to do any other meaningful task and their livelihood depends upon how well they can scandalize others without been suspected, how to distort facts into tell tale lies and present to their masters and earn their appeasement.

Those who know him say he is a brooder. But those who know him well will tell you that’s just one of the layers to the deeply complicated and thinking mind of Pakistan army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Compared to Zardari’s gang that just can’t shoot straight, many in Pakistan seem to view the Army chief as a better bargain – although it’s debatable that they’ll want a return to military rule? As boss of Pakistan’s infamous spy agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), Kayani had a reputation for being slightly nervous.

Or is Kayani just a product of circumstances, the man who is willy-nilly filling up the political vacuum created by the messy management of Zardari & Co?

Details about the 57-year-old Kayani are somewhat sketchy. He doesn’t have the kind of privileged background that most Pakistan military brass does. His father, Lehrasab, was a naib subedar in the army – in other words, a non-commissioned officer. Born in Rawalpindi in Punjab, Kayani came up the hard way after being commissioned in 1971, the year of the Bangladesh War.

Significantly, the day before, Kayani told the defence committee of the National Assembly that the army under him would remain “India-centric”. “India has the capability, intentions can change overnight,” he told legislators.

Cut to January 2010, and the scenario had changed dramatically. Pakistan had ‘fixed’ the trust problem with the Americans. In July 2008, when Kayani and ISI chief Shuja Pasha were ‘summoned’ by General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, to be scolded about Islamabad’s misdemeanors, especially the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul, it was a low point for a country which had tomtommed its “shared

Kayani’s message to the NATO brass in January, made adroitly yet forcefully through a 62-slide presentation, was disarmingly simple: Pakistan had a strategic future in Afghanistan well beyond the US presence and should not be taken lightly. This meant the government in Kabul had to be mindful of Pakistani interests; and India had to be out of Afghanistan, or at the very least, needed to greatly reduce its presence. Kayani scored another big victory at the January 28 London conference on the future of Afghanistan. The idea promoted by the British and backed by the US, that Pakistan would be the lead player in the Taliban ‘reconciliation’ process, was met with enthusiastic response. The army chief came out smelling of roses, confident in his belief that he had successfully outmaneuvered India even as New Delhi fumbled in its opposition to the Taliban being accommodated.

Washington’s approach to Islamabad is old-fashioned bribery: sophisticated military toys are winging their way to Pakistan as ‘incentive’ to fight the Taliban.

It knows full well that these weapons will actually be directed against India. As an Indian official explained, “Kayani is pegging the modernization of the Pak army on US money.” By end-2010, Pakistan will get an additional $3.4 billion in military aid from the US, bringing the total up to almost $12 billion since 2003.

Kayani cut his teeth in the army during the Bangladesh war. Thirty years later as director-general military operations (DGMO), he directed the 10-month stand-off with the Indian army. He earned his spurs with Musharraf when he conducted, with efficiency and confidentiality, the investigation into the assassination bids on Musharraf in 2003. Musharraf has himself reminisced that until Kayani took over, the investigation was a mess. It led to his appointment as DG-ISI in 2004.


For all his loyalty to Musharraf, Kayani was an admirer of sorts of Benazir Bhutto, having served as military secretary to her. In 2007, when the Americans started pressuring Musharraf to work out a “reconciliation” with Benazir, he sent Kayani to do the job. On March 9, 2007 when Musharraf’s aides read out the riot act to Justice Chaudhry, demanding he step down, Kayani was part of the team. But presciently, he remained silent through the meeting and refused to present an affidavit to Chaudhry along with the others.

That paid him rich dividends later when he brokered a deal between Zardari and the judiciary during the lawyers’ Long March in 2008 and the most recent constitutional crisis with the judges’ appointment in 2009, which eroded Zardari’s credibility but enhanced Kayani’s . In 2008, Kayani compelled Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani to reinstate Chaudhry as CJ. In December 2009, Kayani once again made Zardari accept a decision by Chaudhry and the Supreme Court overturning the immunity earlier granted to Zardari from prosecution for corruption.

When Zardari assumed office in February 2008, and Musharraf was turfed out, the new army chief declared his intention to stay apolitical even though he reportedly loathed Zardari and others in the corrupt leadership. Although he firmly believed that the army was the mainstay of Pakistan, Kayani was sensitive to the unusually strong public outrage against the army. It needed to go back to the barracks if it had to get back a modicum of its earlier prestige. In one of his early acts, Kayani withdrew hundreds of army officers from civilian jobs in the government, leaving the job of running the country to civilians. In the past few weeks, Kayani has closely supervised the consensus to replace the 17th amendment of the Pakistan constitution with the 18th, effectively moving the Pakistani system back to the 1973 constitution and a parliamentary democracy.

This means Zardari can’t gather any more powers, having surrendering many in the last year, including the nuclear command authority. If the constitutional amendment goes through, Gilani will be more relevant than Zardari and Kayani will find it much easier to control the levers of Pakistan.

The US, for all its democratic avowals, was the first to read the tea leaves. In March 2008, the Americans ‘selected’ Kayani for the US Army Command and General Staff College’s International Hall of Fame. “The hall honors those officers of United States allies’ militaries who have attained the highest command positions in their national service component or within their nation’s armed forces,” the citation said.


And yet, nobody possibly knows better than he the intricate connections between these groups and how they’re spawning daily terror in Pakistan itself. I have pointed clearly the creation of these so called terrorist groups it’s a creation of three democratic countries of the world actually these are demons of this world.

Terrorism is, and will remain, Pakistan’s weak spot, and its encouragement will always be counter-productive. Despite the campaigns against the Pakistan Taliban, the army continues to maintain an ambivalent posture of tolerance towards these groups. If Musharraf was attacked by Jaish-e-Mohammed in 2003, Kayani himself was the target of an assassination plot by Ilyas Kashmiri in May 2009. Even today, HuJI leaders, Kashmiri and Saifullah Akhtar, are operating from South Waziristan and carrying out terror attacks in Punjab with the help of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. But somehow, the Pak army continues to believe these groups can be controlled.

For India, it’s clear that as long as terror groups from Pakistan attack India with help from its military-intelligence complex, it will remain focused on terrorism. With virtually no official engagement between India and the Pakistan army, New Delhi’s in a bizarre situation where Kayani appears to have assumed the role of chief interlocutor for Pakistan with the rest of the world, but not India. Many within the Indian establishment believe Kayani may be biding his time before he edges out Zardari and take over as president.

But if Kayani does go, who’ll take his place? The name most frequently mentioned is Khalid Shamim Wyne, commander of the Quetta-based 12 Corps, with few ties to extremists, but more experience against India. Others in the running are Mohammed Mustafa Khan, chief of general staff; Nadeem Taj, commander 30 corps, who preceded Pasha as ISI chief but is considered too close to the Taliban; and Tahir Mehmood, head of 10 Corps.

But for the moment, Kayani-controlled Pakistan is playing a good game with very few cards in hand. India would do well to watch the moves closely.


Well the story goes on a few more stones have to be removed or placed rightly in this Army-Politico duo before we can muster the effort to move in place more pawns to be gambled at this stage.

After all Pakistan holds abundant natural resources, Copper, Gold, Gas, Oil, Carbide and Coal, let alone precious stones. Pakistan is also the gateway to both Central Asia and China.

Once Pakistan falls it will be much easier to control the largest democracy of the world. My Indian friends please do not indulge your self in merry making. Earlier the invaders came from the North East this time they are coming from the South West.

Do not send to know, for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.


Any incisive move now will upset the so called ISAF or the American plot for the new world order to blossom into a lethal system, where nations will be enslaved and their vital precious resources will be at the beck and call of their master/s. The schemers may scheme the plotter may plot but the absolute power lies with superlative power.  If he wishes the fall of the curtain it will fall otherwise those who are plotting will be annihilated, if you can see the beginning of their end has started we may call it freak nature but the closing stages have began. The power is more deadly then 1000 nuclear bombs.

Parting Shot:

  • “Citizen” and “Cow” both begin with a “C”…
  • “And that’s good enough for us,” says Uncle Sam
  • Taxes aren’t the only way D.C. can get you to help them pay the bills…

It seems that the U.S. government is moving very quickly to enact any legal measure or fine against Americans and to make it nearly impossible for any American to escape payment to pay for their sins are everywhere. It Is now Easier to Enter the U.S. Than It Is To Leave. Customs agents and cash sniffing dogs stand on guard at most international US airports checking to make sure no one has more than $10,000 in cash without declaring it. The standard response to this is: “They are only making it difficult for criminals to move about and to transfer money”.

Well, the problem is, the U.S. government is moving very quickly to make it so almost everyone is seen as a criminal in the eyes of the U.S. legal system

It is already said that there are so many laws, rules and regulations in the U.S. that each person in the US breaks at least one law per day, if not much more — without even knowing it. But the U.S. government is becoming more obvious in how it will go about making everyone a criminal and fining them ridiculous amounts of money in doing so.

Last week, an American family who said they were just trying to teach their son about responsibility and entrepreneurship was fined $90,000 by the USDA because the teenager sold $4,600 worth of bunnies in one calendar year without a license. Not only were they demanded to pay $90,000, but if they did not pay within a short period of time the fine could increase to as high as $4 million.

And with the US military with 800 military bases worldwide with US military personnel in 156 countries and US Military bases in 63 countries and currently occupying or attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and with other drone operations in places like Yemen and Pakistan, the US is all but ensuring that it is screwing around in enough places to eventually draw in one of the big boys. Russia, China or Iran.

And, hey, we gotta Support the Troops, right?

US Government Eyeing Pensions and Retirement Funds

On the other end of the spectrum, seniors and those in retirement, the U.S. Government recently made it very obvious that funds held in retirement accounts are going to be the first to be taken when times get tough.

It is no great leap to think that as things worsen in the U.S. government’s financial situation, which is all but guaranteed, that the first thing that will be nationalized will be all tax-sheltered retirement accounts. After all, we all have to do our part to pay for the debts of the government, right?

Anyone living off of U.S. pensions should be very worried. And anyone with significant funds in retirement accounts should be running, not walking, to get any funds they can outside of the direct control of the U.S. government. Anyone aware of the U.S. government’s real financial situation knows that time is running out.

The government has $15.5 trillion in admitted debts but those debts, when calculated under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), or ‘honest accounting’, is over $70 trillion. $70 trillion divided by 300 million+ Americans works out to $233,000 per person in U.S. federal government debt and obligations. Or nearly $1 million per family of four.

That does not included personal debt, state debt or municipal debt.

This debt plus an economy that has been completely hollowed out by the Federal Reserve System ensures that there is no way the U.S. government can ever pay off this debt. And, everyone knows it.

The Pakistanis financial pundits and the government both are in the dream world and time is approaching fast when we will be rudely awakened to find our selves in a deep void of no return.

It is time to part away from America the sooner the better you cannot afford to have beggars as your friends?

In Pakistan everyone is screaming broaden the tax base. Well the daft’s have no idea that the tax base is over extended each Pakistani is paying a tax. Just look at your electricity and other utility bills and you will find the glaring truth.
Note: I like to thank many other writers who helped me in writing this up, by reading their articles which they have posted on the net. Thank you all.


Foot note   Important Wars,

        I.            Other Important Wars Battle Of Marathon 490 Bc Greeks Defeated The Persians

      II.            Battle Of Actium 31 Ad Fleets Of Cleopatra Defeated Octavian

III.            Battle Of Hastings 1066 Ad William Of Normandy Defeated Harold King Of England

IV.            Battle Of Tarain 1191 Ad Prithivi Raj Defeated Shahab Ud Din Ghori

V.            Battle Of Thanesar 1191 Shahab Ud Din Ghori Defeated Prithivi Raj

VI.            1648 Ad Battle Of Preston Cromwell Defeated Charles 1








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