A Lawyer’s Rant


Are all liars’ lawyers or all lawyers liars? One of them must be a true interpretation of a lawyer. As they are liar’s hence, they are lawyers because if they stand for truth then why they misconstrue it. Those who stand by their principals are but a handful and must be poor. But those who mislead are successful indeed and rich. I have seen many on the TV shows ranting unfair and when they are hired by the same unfair they plead another tale. The poor viewer has to follow a tale of two liars who is one and the same. They start to defend both of their point of views without any qualm. Whoever invented this profession would have been a genius of a great stature. Very few lawyers abide by there of conduct normally the others use a lot of con techniques to prove their mettle. Go anywhere in the world and you will find them some encased in steel and glass shells others on the roadside under a shade of a tree or some shade. Some minting tons of money, but the majority just making there daily bread. What a deep fissure between the two. Well the more your shop is decorated the more customers would walk in assuming both quality and attention and last but not least the success. Well I know a tale where a man murdered someone and was about to be tried, his family desperately looked for a lawyer they went to one and he said 100 dollars. The family said how he can save our man for 100 dollars so they looked for a new one. This guy asked them 10,000 Dollars and was hired. After a couple the man was sentenced to death and he was walking out of the courtroom the first lawyer happened to see him and said I asked for 100 dollars for the same decision but they got it for 10,000 dollars. So you see the difference? No insult to anyone in this noble profession for I cant afford a lawyer,



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Result driven professional over 20 years of solid verifiable track career for successfully propelling industry leaders. Known for delivering record breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional and export markets. Core strengths include: Strategic Planning Corporate Presentation HR Management Marketing Sales Promotion Business Development CRM Liaison Coordination Reports Documentation Training & Development Team Management Business Management Profit & Loss Management Advisory Services MIS Development & Management
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