Power Shortage in Pakistan & its After Affects

It is a deliberate attempt my the present leadership of the country to keep its people in darkness so that the government can loot them more on pretext or another, can you imagine a country whose capability is to produce 21000 MW per day is producing only 6000  or 7000 MW per day.Power shortage bring in its tow many serious factors: 1.Industry Closure. 2.Unemployment. 3.Reduce business turnover all sectors. 4.Job cuts. 5.Instability at all levels 6.Lower Tax Revenues. These are just a few. Yet our leadership lives a life of kings and Royalty even 100 paces ahead of them. Things are now getting out of hand and a huge turmoil is hanging just by a thread and it can destabilize the entire region once it gets out of hand.


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