Once Again Human Rights Violation: American paid?


This word Human Rights Violation seems to be used too much as everyone is harping this melody, once again. Recently the American Congress decided to pass such a resolution, but this time it was a province of Pakistan known as Baluchistan. Has any American ever been to this area? Perhaps, a maximum up till   Quetta.  Have they met any local populace apart from sardars or maliks who rule their people/tribes ruthlessly? How many tribesmen have they killed so far on one pretext or another or if he refuses to obey the ruler the Nawab, to give his daughter or sisters hand in marriage to be sardars or maliks concubine? How for a piece of bread they torment their people. This does not end here, in some tribes meat is forbidden to be eaten by the women! They are only allowed to eat meat on two occasions of Eids. This means that the women folk can eat meat for four days in a year. Let’s talk about medical care only allowed in some tribes. Education is restricted only to men and that too, up till a certain level and to certain affluent section of the tribe. How come these sardars are living in Switzerland, England and Dubai are they so rich or what they do for living? Some one pays for their services and up keep to serve their masters as and when required.

Yet we hear a lot of hue and cry of human rights violations, these sardars or maliks are on the payroll of Indians and the American CIA it sounds quite familiar to our ears: We heard similar voices in a different tone when East Pakistan was given a new name Bangladesh at that time. The Bengali’s were told that entire Pakistan in particular Islamabad had been constructed by selling JUTE. I was around 16 at that time and was amazed that jute was so expensive that just by selling we could construct our capitol. A propaganda which paid dividends to India who wanted to secure its Fakara Dam built on the river Ganges. If I remember correctly, Bangladesh was ravaged time and again by cyclones and floods and we in West Pakistan had too make available relief goods and were taxed unduly to help our brethren in dire need of assistance.  Well at that time press was used to propagate this sinister plot. Now we have CNN BBC and hundreds of other TV channels available to promote this new ploy as Baluchistan is abundantly rich in natural resources, like Gas, Coal, minerals of substantial value. Hence, the missing person has been made an issue to malign Pakistan and in particular it’s Army. It is pointless to say who is paying these TV channels to promote this deception. In the last four years so many pointless issues were brought to limelight that one forgets the count.

First it was the Lal Masjid in Islamabad issue, great deals of hue and cries were raised every second of the day and when the present rulers took over the reigns the issue was buried along with others. Eminent scholars and anchors of repute were singing this melody. Now a sweet lollypop smeared with Dollars have erased their minds. Then came sugar crisis, followed by flour crisis then vegetable oil so on and so forth an unending list. A country which has a capacity to produce 20,000 Mw of electricity only 7000 plus MW is been produced and cities lie in darkness for 8 to 18 hours a day. This has resulted in closure of medium and small factories on a large scale, rendering million of people like me out of job. Those industries who can afford alternate power are running but at lower capacity, its impact is felt on the commodity prices.   A country which has abundant gas resources its people are in a swinging by their necks as they have no gas even to cook their meals. All these are real factors where is the American congress or UN or other countries who are deeply concerned about human rights are the above not covered by human rights law? If these are not the human rights then what are human rights. Dare to ask any Arab country as why they violate the human right by curbing the labor laws. The Americans will only venture where his stooges are entrenched and have cultivated the roots of dissent amongst a handful of paid mercenaries. Dear human rights champions firstly bring to order your own house, than hurl stones at others. Kashmir is a stout case of human violations but no dares to ask India the mighty democratic country to stop using violence. Nay; the Indians are the holy cow. In which perspective should we see the human rights a tool for the dominant power to tyrannize small nations or to subjugate them to lick their boots. It is not the fault of remainder Pakistan of keeping Baluchistan underdeveloped or out of the main stream. The sole responsibility lies with the tribal sardars who in order to repress their people have kept them away from the main flow.   These sardars are able to have a large army of many cut throats, swindlers mercenaries under their strap and use them to destabilize not only the country but other tribes as well. It is very simple the strong and the mighty dictate others to follow him.

Those balauchs who have the nerve to flee never to return understand the real world and those who are shackled remain tethered to the peg.

We know why this talk about Human Rights issue cropped up in the American Congress. Since Pakistan closed the supply route of NATO supplies from its territory the importance of Baluchistan has trebled as the Americans know if they control Baluchistan they are in a advantaged position not only for its supply route to Afghanistan but can contain China, Russia and attack Iran with all the ease. After these two countries, vetoed the American plan to annex Syria.

I invite the members of the congress to send a fact finding mission I will be a part of it to unearth the truth. Some Americans are fond of bare back horse riding but not in this case.

Asad Rehman


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    well yes it costs 100’s of $ to be rated on the top 15,but I will play low, as my words will sting not few but many and secondly i do not have $ to foot the bill.If you guys can just ask your friends to read my blogs will be a great service not me but to the people of my country who are down trodden and await a real change.
    Thanks Buddy

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