Who Will Trust Us.

I will soon be hanged for I speak too much. But who will trust us we have no base even lies we twist to such an extent that we our self forget what we said earlier. the people of Pakistan are paying a very heavy cost for democracy. No worthwhile jobs exists,those which do exist are in the hands of minsters and their stooges what is left are a morsel for 1000 people. cost of living is higher then London,New york or Tokyo. Our leaders dress  code is designers stuff exclusively designed for them. They even design their mausoleums where these kings shall rest outwitting the Pharaohs. The people are dying of hunger disease and top it off with counterfeit medicines, A handful are making tons of money every hour. This is my country where religion is Islam and our actions are satanic.


About 4711horsie

Result driven professional over 20 years of solid verifiable track career for successfully propelling industry leaders. Known for delivering record breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional and export markets. Core strengths include: Strategic Planning Corporate Presentation HR Management Marketing Sales Promotion Business Development CRM Liaison Coordination Reports Documentation Training & Development Team Management Business Management Profit & Loss Management Advisory Services MIS Development & Management
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